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Whether you are a Senior or “Boomer,” Everyone deserves to feel healthy, flexible, strong and balanced. That’s why Energetic Seniors offers in-home customized personal training sessions – sessions that are conducted in the comfort, convenience and privacy of your home, apartment, building’s gym, or virtually.

Individualized sessions
Our personalized fitness training sessions allow you to progress at a pace that meets your own unique needs. Sessions are taught by highly qualified, certified and screened trainers, with each session customized for your age, physical condition and personality.

“Regular Exercise is the only well-established fountain of youth.”
That’s what Jane Brady said in the New York Times. And she was talking to you.
Many of the changes we link to the normal aging process have their roots in inactivity.

More Good News
The loss of strength, endurance, flexibility and balance isn’t inevitable. The National Institute on Aging states that, “when older people lose their ability to do things on their own, it doesn’t happen just because they have aged. More likely it is because they have become inactive.”

First you are young, then middle-aged. And then you are wonderful!
What’s the difference between being a “senior,” and being an “Energetic Senior”? It’s the difference between being a couch potato or enjoying stimulating workouts that build confidence and help to improve coordination, endurance, strength, and flexibility.

Energetic Seniors provides a variety of activities that help to improve muscular strength, balance, endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and functional independence in activities of daily living.

Jumping for joy is the best exercise
Our desire is to pass on the spark of our passion for physical activity and to inspire the same enjoyment in you.
The goal is to move at a pace that is challenging, yet individual, and also allows you to have fun while addressing the improvements you would like to make.

“Exercise is better than any drug or anything else we have for aging. If this were a drug, it would be the safest, most effective drug in the universe.”
James O. Hill, Director of the Center for Human Nutrition, University of Colorado.

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