My original company, Energetics Unlimited, began back in 1977 at the start of the idea of having trainers come into the home. In 1996, my daughters were the inspiration for starting my children’s division, Energetic Juniors. And then, inspired by my parents and my aunt – as I saw their need for in home physical activity – I launched Energetic Seniors – Fitness Through the Life Span.

Fast Forward to Today

After speaking to so many busy Energetic Juniors NYC parents over the years, I heard their frustration. They wanted a boost – some sort of exercise to get them moving. It’s so easy to not exercise when our lives are filled with other demands. And trust me, I get how it is. I raised 2 daughters in Manhattan and, as a busy parent, I know that finding time to exercise is hard. That’s where Energetic Parents stands out as a solution. We make getting the exercise you need convenient and stress-free!

~ Bonita Porte Founder

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